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ArredoModern is a source of inspiration for modern connoisseurs and design enthusiasts alike: a place to admire marvelous modern and contemporary designs and furnishings from around the world and a place to learn about up-and-coming design trends. ArredoModern’s vision is to become a leading retailer for modern design furniture and a point of reference for designers. We greatly aspire to and are working extremely hard to become the primary go-to website for fresh ideas, design tips and inspiration.

ArredoModern LLC - Stephani Buchman Photography - Designer: Mhouse Inc
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Modern design is known for its simpleness, its clean lines, its uncluttered space and ArredoModern is just that, a website version of modern design; a website that is simple, clean and uncluttered. The creation of the online store is currently in development and is progressing nicely. ArredoModern is on a mission to offer a spectacular array of modern and contemporary furniture from many manufacturers from around the world. With many years of experience in the luxury hotel industry as well as the high-end modern and contemporary retail market, the Founder and Managing Director, strongly values quality, style and design and these traits will certainly be present in the furniture selection to follow.

We greatly appreciate you visiting our website and hope to see you again soon for the grand opening of the online store. To stay updated on the progress of the online store please subscribe to our newsletter below, or follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.